c25k catch-up post

happy (late) solstice!

which i suppose also means “happy summer!”

to kick off this summer season i’ve been working out erratically. a few weeks ago when in kampala i visited the fitness centre at the “mzungu mall” (garden city) and had a stellar work out involving a kick-butt treadmill workout where i ran 2 miles with no walking (it could have been 3, but  there were hills…and i’m still not used to hills! and this fancy machine changed the tension making just 0 incline running more difficult. it was awesome.) and 30 minutes on my beloved, the elliptical, where i listened to everything bon iver has ever sung and ran my little heart out.

one of the fantastic things about the fitness centre, besides their affordable visiting rate and beautiful views of the golf course, is the Best Shower In Uganda. not only was the water piping hot, but the shower heads are those awesome one-foot-across-its-raining-types. the 12,000 =/ was worth just this portion of my morning, hands down.

i digress.

since then i haven’t run. HOWEVER. i have been for several ~6k Very Brisk walks. during the most recent one i managed to sneak in probably about 1.5k of constant running. i had the dog with me, which complicated things and was also carrying my camera so that was adventurous of me.

while the long brisk walks make my body happy and i’m sure healthy, i can tell that i haven’t run in a while. never fear, i am Very Determined to complete the c25k challenge and still intend on eventually working on the 8k and then 10k challenges. i’m hooked.

yoga is still a constant presence, and now there are 3 of us in the kotido house so its almost like a small class–delight!



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