dear kinkos, i miss you

yesterday morning our secretary at the diocese asked me to help him out: he needed a memo written for the d.s. that very day. he wasn’t feeling well and needed to go home and rest rather than mess with turning on the computer, writing the memo and printing it.

“gosh.” you’re probably saying to yourself…”that doesn’t sound like such a big task.” and in your situation it may not be something that takes two days. but here in kotido a task like this can, and did, take two full days to iron out.

i had sticky note with minimal information and a vague notion* of how to piece together a memo.

the actual typing of the memo did not take very long. well the basic typing of the actual memo did not take very long. i did have to wait a few hours (yes, hours) to be able to ask for more information regarding this training the memo was announcing, only to learn that the person i asked didn’t know anything more than i did. sigh.

so after fluffing up the memo so it didn’t look so anemic/starved i lugged my faithful iBook G4 (faye) into the secretary’s office to print.

there are two printers in the office and i knew that only one of them was compatible with my computer. still wishfully thinking that this task wasn’t going to take too much time i plugged the printer cord into my computer–messed with the mess of cords, clicked three power strips one voltage correcter, one wall switch and one printer “on”.

my computer was recognizing the printer so i mashed the “print” button and hoped for the best. however. i’d forgotten to put paper in the printer. argh.

find paper.
put in printer.
mash “print”

there is no toner. of course.

unplug printer number one, plug in printer number two (this involved moving the laptop as the cord was supershort), turn on printer number two, see that computer is recongenizing printer. mash “print”.

fiddle with printer.

fiddle with computer.


day two: the secretary has heard of this trouble so he instructs the cleaning lady to find the software for the second printer so i can install and print at my leisure. a lovely thought, no?

she gives me the software and i try to install it only to discover: this printer software only works with frapping windows vista. ARGH!

this information is relayed to the secretary who then drags himself to the office to tell me the password for his computer.

i go through the rigmarole of turning everything on, typing the password correctly on a totally wonked out keyboard and mashing “print”. again to realize NO PAPER.

put paper in printer.
mash “print”.
MAGIC! a printed memo pops out of the printer!
the toner level is complete-for-crap but its printed and i was finally able to hand a memo over to the d.s. over 24 hours later. sigh.

*way back in high school i had to take typing class (i already knew how to type rather well (thanks mom!(and mavis beacon!)). this typing class wouldn’t have been quite so…painful had we not been using typewriter curriculum from the 1950’s on computers. in said high school silly typing class we learned how to format a good ‘ole 1950’s style memo. and lookey! that’s how we communicate here in the diocese! 1950’s style memos…


2 thoughts on “dear kinkos, i miss you

  1. Amen, sister. Read your post while waiting for a file I need to print to upload. This, after already walking into town earlier today to print said file only to find out it was not compatible. Here goes round two…One productive thing in one day is all I ask!

  2. Our printer seems to have entered old age and for some unknown reason now takes about 20 minutes to print one page. 20 MINUTES! I didn’t even think it was possible. But it is.

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