c25k: week 6.1 + experiment

tuesday i finally plowed through the first run of week 6. (this week there are 3 different podcasts again.) it went pretty well, nothing exciting or dramatic happened and i didn’t interact/see people. which i prefer. yes.

okay so i did see someone, housemate was in her cool down walk/walk home a bit a head of me so i kicked up the last jog to catch up with her and we walked back to the house together.

today i “should” have jumped to week 6 run 2 but decided to try something new: put on good and fast(ish) music and just GO. my music was flogging molly’s album “within a mile of home” and i must say that it is an EXCELLENT running album. i was out for about 40 minutes today instead of the typical ~1 hour–but i think i ran for about 30 minutes of those 40.

we had a CRAZY downpour (involving hail!) this afternoon so i knew the area i typically run would basically look like a marsh so decided to avoid that disaster and ran on the roads that border town, thinking that this would be a less muddy route.

while that was technically true, there was still a fair amount of mud to deal with and i had to stop a few times and scrape the mud from the bottoms of my shoes when they got too heavy.

two mistakes of today’s run: i forgot my chewing gum. sadness. and i wore a long sleeved shirt. dumb. dumb. dumb. i hate having my arms constricted unless i’m COLD and i was running and was therefore not COLD. yes, i should have known better as i hate to even exercise or do yoga in a tshirt let a lone a long sleeved shirt. never again.

and then there were the children. if i was a nice person i wouldn’t really mind the children and would probably find their stares and curiosity adorable. i’m not. therefore, i don’t. (most of the time, anyway. especially when i’m running. i’m not nice when i’m running, remember?)

the first incident came just after i ran past a heard of goats who were hogging the road–this means i was in someone’s yard slipping and sliding in the mud and trying to not fall (success!)–and was feeling mighty successful when two children came bolting from their yard running with me. i waved at them, smiled and kept running as usually this is enough. it wasn’t. one of the children grabbed the back of my shirt and started tugging at it and laughing like a crazy person.

i stopped, removed her hand and said “mam” (“no”) and kept running. (also observing the surroundings to make sure they didn’t need something. please, i’m not a terrible person!) she followed me again and grabbed onto my shirt, tugging and again laughing like she’s totesdef mental. (its clear she isn’t but is just being mischievous, for what that’s worth.) stopping again, i removed her hand, looked her in the eye while removing an earbud and said “do you need something?” “no.” “are you fine?” “yes.” “okay, well, i am going to run now and you should go home and finish your work. sawa?” “sawa.” (“fine/okay”) yeesh.

toward the end of my run as i was rounding the corner at the mosque about 30 children (not an exaggeration) came out of nowhere and were following me, commenting on my red face and “i just sprinted a bit” breathing. i smiled (against my well. i blame jesus), waved and just went on my merry way. thankfully i was close enough to home that they quickly dispersed.

despite the small shadows, the tugging, the mud that covered my shoes and legs and the long sleeved shirt disaster i’m pretty proud of my experiment–i ran more minutes with fewer breaks that i have been so my confidence is pretty boosted. the next run, however, will be back on schedule with a boosted confidence!

for now i’m off to the kitchen for more adventures in besan flour!


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