adventures in besan flour: pizza win


sorry, got a little ahead of myself/the story there…

i’ll admit it, until the veryvery the actual eating of this creation [chickpea flour pizza with tomato and parmesan] came about–i was dubious. very very dubious. mostly because the method calls for a nonstick skillet that can go from stove-top to oven/broiler. (nope.) i have one nonstick skillet. it has a plastic handle that would go “MELT” if i put it in the oven.

also: broiler? that’s cute.

and then, to add to the doubt, the crust dough looked more like…yellow water. i double checked the instructions, pondered if i’d added too much water and decided that, no, i didn’t and i fretted about high altitude and besan flour. the recipe instructed to let the dough rest for 30 minutes before proceeding so i chopped my onion and tomato and had my warm basin bath to rid myself of the post running stank.

back in the kitchen, clean and  happy, i remembered that i was doubted the outcome of this pizza. since i had decided to not use the plastic-handled-nonstick-skillet-of-MELT in the oven i opted to use a “local pot” as we call them. if you’ve been to east africa you probably know what i’m talking about–the thin aluminum/tinish/metal pots used for posho, beans…anything really. these are NOT nonstick by any stretch of the imagination…

in an attempt to practice optimism i hoped that the called-for  1 tablespoon of olive oil that went in the pot first would help keep it from sticking. however, when i poured the dough-liquid into the pot all of the olive oil was on top. ugh. OH this is where I FORGOT THE ROSEMARY! i was supposed to add it after the besan mixture had its little 30 minute nap. sigh.

the “crust” was supposed to turn golden brown on the bottom and the top was supposed to be “mostly set” when removed from the heat. well. it was STUCK to the bottom and i was busy fretting about it being STUCK FOREVER and then DINNER WOULD BE RUINED! so maybe removed it from the heat before it was “mostly set”. i think it turned out to be “mostly mostly set”.

i added maybe twice to three times the amount of onion, tomato and parm that it called for (because i do what i want) and put it in the oven (broiler. ha. as if my oven gets that hot!) as close to the bottom as i could get it. (thats where the flame is.)

about 12 minutes later i pulled it out of the oven and gazed at something that looked pretty tasty. and then remembered i had to get it out of this 6-inch-deep pot before i could attempt to eat it. nrrrrr.

the very edges were totally stuck.
so being the ingenious fake-chef that i am, i armed myself with the biggest knife in the kitchen, cut the pizza in half and started in with the spatula. after a lot of work i managed to get most of it out safely. (some of it was rather stuck, however.)

then came the taste test… housemate and i eased our forks toward the pizza and gave the first taste. and then quickly devoured the whole thing! it. is. amazingly. good. i can’t imagine how much better it’ll be when we figure out how to make it crispy, easier to get out of a pan (so not using that one again) and when i DON’T FORGET THE ROSEMARY!

later today i shall weave the tale of how the kitchen ceiling ended up on the kitchen floor. stay tuned…


One thought on “adventures in besan flour: pizza win

  1. this was such fun to imagine–i can hardly wait to hear the tales of “Lizzie joins the kitchen staff”! I’m having supper with her tonight at Elmo’s–a send-off!
    love you LOTSSSSS

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