adventures in besan flour: fail curry

many many moons ago housemate and i purchased gram flour. no, not graham which is what i thought when i glanced in this flour’s general direction, but gram. as in besan. chana. garbanzo bean flour. chickpea flour. oops!

said flour has been sitting around waiting for me to be less depressed that it wasn’t graham flour so i could make graham crackers. i’m finally over it (enough) and so begin the adventures in besan flour! these adventures will continue until i’ve worked through the entire bag.

the first foray into cooking with besan flour was mostly a flop. hence the name “fail curry”. before beginning this cooking experiment i did what anyone stuck with an totally unknown ingredient is: scour the internets.

i found recipes on websites from david lebovitz to fat free vegan cooking with a whole slew of interesting in between. (as an aside, the bbc has a vast list of recipes, which is a new discovery…delight!) other tidbits of information: besan is gluten free, high in iron and protein. at least its healthy!

rather than make crackers or some bread-type-thing yesterday evening (it was getting late) i decided on a besan flour curry. i wanted dinner, i like curry and thought “sure!”

i wouldn’t go so far to say that it was AWFUL, but it certainly wasn’t GREAT, either. not sure what i was expecting from something that pretty much based on a flour and water paste. it tasted like…paste!

my attempt to save it ended up okay…i used extra coriander, masala, cumin and water and added cinnamon, sugar, adobo all purpose seasoning and a chicken/olive oil/sea salt stock cube. this helped. it was also much improved with rice beneath it.

housemate and i decided that its not really a “keeper” but “would do in a pinch.” (if we were like, starving to death, maybe.)

the animals were the recipients of the remaining curry on top of their evening posho. for those of you keeping track at home, the dog seemed to like it more than the cats did. go figure, the least discerning palate ate the bulk of the fail curry…

next up i think i’m going to try the besan crackers… unless i can find those brownie recipes again, then that may have to move up in the batting order. cheers!


4 thoughts on “adventures in besan flour: fail curry

  1. Yeah for gluten-free, boo for curry. I think chickpea flour fries pretty well? First thing I thought of was Karama-falafel … maybe that’s an idea 🙂 xo.

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