around the internets

okay, so sometimes i get distracted by the internets. (yes, with an ‘s’.)  sometimes i also procrastinate or forget about things that i had intended on posting here, too, and then try to fill the gaping-silent-void with random little things in hopes that your angry emails about my not posting will be avoided for just a bit longer.

this is one of those posts!

first up: while being distracted by a new favorite food blog i was lured into procrastinating whatever i was working on at the moment even more and  decided to comment on said blog even though this was going to seriously eat up my time. (if i haven’t mentioned before, my internet is far from fast…)

my comment is not the interesting thing here. the interesting thing was what i noticed while posting said comment on said blogger blog: i got to choose my identity!

perhaps this only struck/strikes me as funny and telling about our  relationship with the internet and how we interact with one another on the internet. in the moment i think i even had a “oh, that’ll preach” moment, but i shall spare you from that for the moment.

secondarily- this morning while waiting for word on if the printer would indeed decide to print i found myself on reading about the science of annoyance. naturally, i took the “how annoying are you?” quiz, too.

on a scale of 1 (saintly) to 5 (most annoying person ever) i had a score of 2.81. (according to the “about your score” the average is 2.89, so i have a below-average annoying level. WIN!) the excerpt from the book was a fascinating read  skim.


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