freshly painted

until very recently (that is to say 30 minutes ago) this week has been blazing hot…the sun has been shining and heating the sand and bringing the buildings to the boiling point.

heat isn’t something one typically senses with one’s eyes. unless they are being scalded by the freshly painted-bright-white walls and freshly painted-shiny-silver of one of the buildings on the compound. there really is no feeling like casting one’s eyes upon said bright-white walls and shiny-silver roof at midday 3˚ north of the equator. (which may as well be strong-equatorial sun.)

consider the feeling of a fresh sunburn.
then apply that feeling to your eyes.
that is what it feels like to cast one’s eyes upon the freshly painted bright-white walls and freshly painted shiny-silver roof at midday on a perfectly clear day.

yesterday afternoon, around 4:45p, i was gazing longingly out my window (pining for the weekend, no doubt) when i noticed something wonderful: the bright white walls were being painted a lovely pale yellow with lovely pale green accents. now before you begin judging my taste in colors remember that "my eyes are burning" feeling. then you’ll realize what a relief it is to know that the building outside of my window will no longer be quite the literal eye-sore that it was before.

so, thats my this on that.


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