c25k: wk5 the one where i kicked butt

yesterday brought the second run of week 5 interval. and this runner brought her a-game and totally kicked butt and took names. two running intervals of 8 minutes each. bam.

the first 8 minute run began at the beginning of “the bush” and i made it all the way to the bridge by the time it was time for the 5something minute walk. this means i ran about 1.5 miles in about 8 minutes. and i feel pretty dang-skippy-good about that.

tomorrow is a wednesday and i’m attempting the third interval of week 5 (again) which is the 20 minute nonstop run. i HATE HATE HATE running on wednesdays because its market day which means a lot of people spend the majority of their day drinking and are walking home around my running time. this may be a good day to try out a new path that is not in the direction of the cattle market. or it means i’ll wait until thursday. the tension builds…

as i’m getting annoyed with three posts a week about running i assume that you, gentle reader, are as well. unless there is MASSIVE UPROAR this c25k blog-tag will move into an about weekly digest.

*post interval tunes*
1. “on the floor” jennifer lopez ft. pitbull
2. “beautiful people” chris brown ft. benny benassi
3. “sweat” snoop dog ft. david guetta
4. “unorthodox” wretch 32 ft. example
5. “party rock anthem” LMFAO ft lauren bennet & goonrock


2 thoughts on “c25k: wk5 the one where i kicked butt

  1. well, ok. i love reading them, tho, and the weekly digest must include all the juiciest parts about your encounters/observations in the highways and byways of life. For me, it’s not about the times or the music–it’s the life you encounter along the way! LOVE YOU gann

  2. can i say ‘well done’ (if i really really mean it)? love reading the posts, and if it keeps you going am happy with 5-times-a-week update. btw finally have the adidas micoach up and running, first proper training today (in few minutes), will send a message how i feel about it. x

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