c25k: wk5, will i ever complete you?

its not so much that i’m in a rut, but more of a …i don’t know, antibiotics induced stupor? my run last sunday was pretty good. (the one with the dog where she only sort of tried to kill me.) but that was before i started the antibiotics for an amoeba or whatever is taking up space in my gut that shouldn’t be.

tuesday was the second day of the meds, and my first interval day whilst on them.

it was terrible.
i kind of felt like i was dying. yes, really.
so much so i even came home before finishing the interval, and even had to walk quite a bit.

so yesterday i decided that instead of attempt the most-painful, i would just walk. so housemate, dog and i went for about a 5k brisk walk. and it was quite nice. this is the last day of the antibiotics (that have made me feel drunk, dizzy, tired and totally wonky for the past 5 days) and so i’m excited to try a run tomorrow evening and see how it goes.

i may even be overly optimistic and attempt the wk5d4 20
minute-non-stop run again.

perhaps it is my desire to MOVE ON or my wonky-state creating this optimism. time will only tell…


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