c25k: week 5…

okay. so. i didn’t run when i was on vacation. at all. the good intentions were there, but it just didn’t happen. (hey lalibela, ethiopia is basically one huge hill… don’t hate, appreciate that i hiked a mountain (with the aid of a donkey, sure) trekked through addis ababa and traipsed around lalibela. yes.

anywho. i’m back in kotido and was excited to get back to running but also kind of put it off. i was nervous about starting again, perhaps because of the last run totally kicking my butt. yesterday (sunday) was THE day to get going again…

setting out i was a little worried that this wasn’t, perhahps, the best life choice i’d ever made… that morning i had missed church because of some unfortunate tummy trouble (ameoba? maybe.) and had only eaten 2 rice cakes and some popcorn…all day… and then, to make matters even more interesting i decided that this would be a great day to take the dog (freddie mercury) out running with me.

as you can see, i am still using the week 5 intervals (there are 3 for this week) even though i’m far beyond “week 5” of the program time wise. the first podcast of the week was my chosen workout, it has a good mix of running and walking intervals (running, i think, at least 6 or 8 minutes at a go. so its not like i’m on the 60 second intervals anymore…)

as it turned out, these decisions weren’t awful ones! yay! the dog only tried to kill me about three times. the worst was when she stopped to sniff at a bush where i’d seen some ground squirrels disappear. while i saw the ground squirrels i did not see freddie stop. therefore i about pulled my own arm out of socket because I kept running when she did not. ouch. her other errors were to stop directly in front of me so i would have to either jump over or around her. but, we made it!

i felt pretty good in the interval. i will still probably do it again on tuesday, though. (without the dog, most likely.) there were a few moments of walking when i “should” have been running. mostly due to getting to the newly tilled fields and not knowing how to get through them. i may have to scout out a new place to run as cutting down to the road where the fields start greatly shortens my distance!

maybe, sometime soon, i’ll reach week 6… one day! for now i’ll just keep faithfully plugging away until i can do the 20 minutes strongly.

post running tunes:
all tracks are from the far east movement’s album animal
1. animal
2. get that money
3. lowridin
4. fetish


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