c25k: week 5 mix 3

this interval kicked my butt.

20 nonstop minutes of running. i didn’t make it. i walked, twice.

partially i think this is due to my inability to pace well. i start off simply too fast and cannot maintain that pace for 20 minutes.also playing a role in less than stellar performance today, i didn’t really stretch well. i was in a meeting until about 6:15 and needed to get out the door by the cut off (6:30) so i wasn’t running after dark. (just not wise here.)

and the last thing to justify my toosh-kicking, i didn’t really clear my head from my meeting before heading out. this probably would have had less to do with it but the conversation was a difficult one, sad and fraught with the emotions that come from being verbally attacked. (i wasn’t verbally attacked, the conversation was sort of working through someone else’s trauma in this as it continues against them.)

all that to say: i’ll be trying that one again. sometime. but probably not saturday.

i’m going on vacation (!) to ethiopia, and while i am taking my running things and hope to get in some running with all the walking i’m planning on doing, i’m not sure how awesomely consistent i’ll be. good intentions, i have. but that doesn’t always mean anything.

the journey to juba: hedgehog incident post is written and pending posting until tomorrow afternoon (my afternoon here in east africa, your morning for the north american readers). a disclaimer: no hedgehogs were injured in the writing of this blogpost.


(i’m late for the www5k, but i DID run on the 10th! promise!)


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