c25k: week 5 runs 3 and 4

thursday the program bumped up to 2 running intervals of 8 minutes each–at the beginning of the podcast i was reminded that since i began about a month ago, my running time (if not distance) has gone up by 8 times. EIGHT TIMES! i nearly reached around and patted myself on the back. i did refrain, but am clearly now verbally congratulating myself. no shame in that, i say.

so yes, thursday. nearly had another side-stitch-incident but it started getting tight at the end of the first running interval so with some well placed breathing i was able to stave off the searing pain that is the dreaded side-stitch. ptl.

saturday (today) i stayed with this double 8 minute interval session, even though i was "supposed" to use the third of three podcasts for this week. let me explain why, as it was a lengthy choice to double up on the should-be-single-use podcasts in weeks 5 and 6:

as i believe i mentioned last time, i pay (well, mcc pays…) for the internet per kb. it takes many kb to download these podcasts and i want my [mcc's] money’s worth!
secondarily, i’m getting un-dually nervous about running for 30 straight minutes.

thirdly and perhaps most importantly, i hadn’t downloaded the next podcast yet.

i’ve noticed my stride getting shorter/choppier in the past few runs so i’m trying to ‘stretch out’ when i run, but i think that my mind is making my body attempt to conserve energy as the running times get longer and more intense. i suspect that if i continue to be mindful of this, and continue to work that my stride will return to its longer and fuller normalcy with time and effort.

how thrilling, i know.

during these last two runs i have tried to push farther distance wise that i had been going recently. i’ve been going to the closest corner of the cattle market, touching the post there and then turning around. tuesday i went to the end of the row, thursday i went all the way to the cattle-loading-ramps and today i went around said ramps. (much to the chagrin of the ever-growing-number of onlookers. now sure where i’ll head next as actually running THROUGH kanawat trading center is about as high on my list of things to do as cutting off my own foot is. [read: not high. at all.]

well, thats enough of that. maybe a non running blog post is due… keep your eyes peeled!

post interval tunes:

1. morning mr magpie from the king of limbs album – radiohead (LOVE this new album!)

2. le lune et le loup – soy un caballo
3. lemon tree-the mynabirds (one of my all time favorite songs, their version is a must-hear!)
4. lemon tree– peter paul and mary (see, love this song!)

5. white liar from the album revolution- miranda lambert
6. by the mark from the album revival- gillian welch (just. love. her.)

all from the black keys album brothers:

1. howlin’ for you
2. i’m not the one
3. never give you up
5. next girl
6. she’s long gone
7. sinister kid


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