c25k: week 5 runs 1 and 2

perhaps it would be wise to stop taking a week off between runs? at least i have a good excuse, i was traveling. i could have probably run when i arrived in gulu, but i didn’t. i probably could have run in juba, but i didn’t (truth be told, i was a little nervous too. thats probably silly, but its true.) certainly could have run when i was back in gulu, but had an hour long massage for $10 instead. i feel good about that choice.

so, at long last, on sunday i went for the first run of week 5. i had to change my path a bit near the beginning of my intervals. as i was rounding the corner after the latrines three women from the “bar” noticed me coming, jumped up ran to the road and were jogging in place and shouting in my direction. thinking fast (introverts are good at this when it comes to avoiding people) i took a hard right hand turn into the bush therefore avoiding their shouting and their jogging along with me. i don’t feel bad about it.

the last time i ran in kotido i had to wade through a huge swath of mud–that slippery patch is now green with new grass. the vast expanse of blowing sand is now a freshly tilled garden. and the river was rushing as i ran over the bridge to the cattle market. after finishing sunday’s run, as i was walking home, i noticed that the cactus in the bush have bloomed. rain is truly a miracle.

now i should say, this week and next are supposed to have a different podcast per day. but. i pay for my internet per kb and cannot bring myself to use one podcast and then discard it, so will be doing these 6 podcasts at least twice to mitigate my guilt. so, know that.

so today, i did the same run as sunday even though i was supposed to ‘move on’. as i set out i decided that i will probably not run by the ‘bar’ anymore and was planning my change of route. i decided to add some extra distance to the end of the route to make up for turning early. admittedly this extra distance made me a little proud of myself, which is good because i needed that confidence boost by the end of today’s intervals.

after turning around, on the final 5 minute run, i experienced my first ever “side-stitch”. i don’t know how i made it through middle and high school sports without one but i feel like the pain i experienced out there in the bush made up for the lack of
side-stitches in all my life.

never having experienced this pain before, and since its been ten years since high school where there was a coach shouting instructions to those who had them i couldn’t really remember what the “proper” thing to do when one was experiencing this shot of pain. i seem to remember coach w yelling to “KEEP MOVING!!” so i did that. there was no way in hades that running was going to continue with that sort of attach on my innards, but i did keep walking. once my breath had calmed down a bit, and the pain hadn’t really stopped i stopped moving and bent myself in half, focused my breath to the place of pain (thanks yoga!) and tried to calm down. (i needed to calm down because my body was threatening to deposit me on the ground for a bit. [blackout])

the folding myself in half and breathing and being calm did the trick. the pain subsided and i returned to my euphoria of an almost complete workout and decided (perhaps with the remnants of coach w’s voice echoing in my brain shouting phrases like “DON’T BE LAST, OR ELSE!” “COME OOOON!” “THAT WAS TERRIBLE!”) that i needed to make up for the last two minutes of running that i had spent trying to not black out.

so i set a goal, a prominent bush on the path, and started jogging towards it. just before reaching it, i chose another one about the same distance ahead of me and picked up the pace. upon reaching this bush i again kicked it up a gear and pushed myself hard to a white rock ahead of me. while i’m proud to be pushing myself, this probably wasn’t the best idea i’d had all day as i was again doubled over fighting off the encroaching darkness. (i won!)

from there i walked at a good brisk pace home, still thinking i needed to make up for my “lost” time. if only i could be so driven in other aspects of life!

post interval tunes:

the first three tracks from the album “made the harbor” by mountain man (its actually 3 ladies! and they are amazingly fantastic. highly highly recommended!)
1. buffalo
2. animal tracks
3. white heron

tuesday (today)-
today was a bob dylan kind of day:
1. subterranean homesick blues
2. lay, lady, lay
3. sara
4. the times are a-changin


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