c25k: i’ve lost track of week 4…

pre run jam (while i chased the dumb dog around the airstrip outside the compound) “tic tok” by my gurl ke$ha. don’t hate.

after 15 minutes and over 1,000 steps i caught freddie mercury (the dumb dog) and took her home, chained her up, and got the “real workout” underway.

it has been raining every afternoon for about a week, which up to now has only made for squishy-ish running. the sand in the bush has been soft but not quick-sand-like, adding a nice spring to my step.

that is until yesterday when apparently the ground soaked up the magical amount of water to create mud. about half way to the bridge i happened upon (into is probably more apt…) a massive mud…pit. to go around it i’d have had to have gone all the way to the road about a quarter of a mile away and in the moment that just seemed silly. the pit was only about 50 meters across so i figured i’d slog through and just be done with it.

easier said than done.

i did NOT fall down. i did, however, slide sideways at one point and i think i heard myself make some sort of squeak/squawk noise over the techno.

the interval was a running one and i did my best to keep moving in at least a jogging pace…once the mud pit was cleared i did my best to keep running until the interval changed to a walking one.

this provided some interesting running steps as i was trying to continue running and shake some of the 3 inches of mud off the bottom of my sneakers at the same time.

run a few steps, jump jump jump, run a few steps, STOMP STOMP STOMP. repeat.

once the walking interval toned in i paused the podcast and scraped some of the worst of the mud on a poor little thorn bush and kept moving.

this didn’t really have much of an effect, though, as it felt like there were weights around my ankles for the remainder of the run.

rather than tempt the gods who control falling by slogging back through the mud pit, i opted for the ‘easier’ route by the road.

this led to a tractor driver “racing me” and then later on a different road, nearly running me over with his scary tractor. yikes.

post running play-list
1. “bowls” by caribu (such. an. awesome. song.)
2. “go outside” by cults
3. “by your side” GAYNGS (if you like bon iver, i think you’ll like them. and if you don’t like/know bon iver then i question how it is that we are friends.)
4. “answer in one of these bottles” caitlin rose
5. “he needs me” van dyke parks


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