c25k: week 4 run 5

so its been exactly a week since my last run–a lovely dry-season-chest-infection has kept me home all week coughing and feeling miserable. wednesday was a ‘test’ day, an hour’s worth of yoga was mostly successful so i decided i am indeed on the mend and ran today!

admittedly my decision to do this run once more on sunday is akin to when your mum knocked/pounded on your door before school (or in my case flipped the light off and on) and you mumbled those famous words, “5 more minutes, mom!”  (which i never actually did, i just took them. and the punishment at school. and home. never really learned…). this is my “5 more minutes” and it is mu inalienable right to take them. (I’M 27, YOU CAN’T STOP ME!)

as i went out from home today i was running towards the setting sun, through the bush that looks drastically different after a week’s worth of rain. what was once a flat and smooth path now resembles a river bed strewn with rocks and debris and is far from smooth anymore. the sand is damp and has a nice give to it, the air was fresh and cool and the sun setting through the clouds-brilliant.

rounding a corner during the first interval i saw a tiny little toddler toddling toward the road with her little hand thrust out. slowing to a walk i took out my earbuds, paused the music and shook her tiny little hand. her head barely came just below my knee. i asked, “how are you?” and received a surprising little whisper of “fine.” i greeted her in ngakarimajong “toyai” and was very pleased with a SHOUTED “EJOK!” huge grin. (oh, her and me.) turning,  i offered a wave to her waiting older sister who then got up the courage to shout, “BYE MZUNGU!” i grimace/smiled said “bye…” and resumed the run.

after reaching the cattle market and turning towards home (1/2 way) my was greeted by a large rainbow touching down somewhere near sliding rock. only part of it was visible–but it was very wide and i could see all the colors very vividly. the top faded into a beautiful navy/almost black cloud making for another brilliant view.

at one point, when i turn for about a quarter of a mile, i could see both the setting sun and the rainbow. it was the perfect time to pause, soak up the crooked still song i was listening to (mountain jumper) and revel in the timing of the lyrics to my surroundings:

“On the high ground, shaken by a low sound,
the desert looming in the distance

Looking at the sunlight dying through the blackened ridge
Water out of nowhere, flying through the air, I see the tidal wave and I’m under
Holding in my breath I sink into the desert sea”

not a bad reintroduction back to running after a week off, if i do say so myself.

all songs are by crooked still from the album: ‘shaken by a low sound.’ THANK YOU  and HT to elizabeth for introducing me to crooked still + all the other awesome music you’ve gifted me with!

1. ecstasy
2. mountain jumper
3. can you hear me callin’
4. little sadie


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