c25k: week 4 run 4

yes, you are correct in thinking that each week’s interval set should be completed three times, and i am indeed reporting my fourth run of this kind for this week.

my schedule has been wonky the past two weeks and every other of these intervals have been done at elevations that are different enough that i’ve messed with my body’s perception of this particular interval.

yesterday was the actual running day and i ran in kaabong–at an elevation of around 5000 feet–which is higher than kotido. not to mention that kaabong has something kotido doesn’t: HILLS.

i ran between rock formations that are unique to kaabong (photos pending…) and through a dry river bed, up a huge hill to a view that was so stunning i literally stopped in my tracks to take a 360˚ video of the late evening sun playing along the mountains. beautiful.

can’t really judge the difficulty of this interval because there are just too many things that were different (elevation, hills, getting lost… etc.).

probably going to take this interval set to 6 runs before jumping into week 5’s three different workout sets. only time will tell!


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