c25k: week 4 run 3

better. much, actually. still going to go ahead and repeat this run at least twice more, but that is quite alright.

it has been raining (highly unseasonable!) off and on a little since sunday late afternoon–it rained off and on for most of the day so was actually nice and cool when i went out around 6. the breeze pushing me home post run was even almost “cold” (for kotido standards, anyway).

i’m a little “in my head” right now, kind of in a strange place so we’ll go straight to the:

post interval soundtrack:
from the playlist called “sigh.”

1. “rain” by patty griffin from the album 1000 kisses
2. “skinny love” by bon iver from the album for emma, forever ago
3. “your song” covered by ellie goulding found in the uktop 40 19-12-2010
4. “paper wings” by gillian welch from the album revival
5. “hello love” by the be good tanyas from hello love
6. “the one i love is gone” by katie melua from the house
7. “dust and water” by antony and the johnsons from the crying light


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