c25k: week 4 run 2

i’m getting too confused keeping track of the number of total intervals completed, so i’m moving to this new numbering system that should be a lot easier on my poor brain.

okay, so today was easier than the other day in moroto, but still pretty difficult. however: i truly dug deep and pushed myself. i. did. not. walk. and i count that as a) improvement and b) success. i focused on the fact that i’m certainly stronger than when i started and that with each time i hit the trail i just get better. (fitter = thinner, too! yay!)

it rained for a bit this afternoon and so the rare “humidity” reared its ugly head. it was soon swept away by the evening winds and i watched the sun sinking behind the rain clouds in abim. stunning. i wish i could run with my camera and capture some of the things that i see in the bush. (maybe on an “off” day soon i’ll walk out there and photograph it for you people. karamoja is really quite something. beautiful in her stark, sandy flatness; the light playing off the hills of abim and the mountain torror. stunning, really.)

because this week has been difficult thus far, and because my schedule has been totally wonky it might be in my best interest to repeat until its a bit more comfortable. next weeks travel schedule also promises to muck-up my running time so, yes. there’s that.

i go the same distance every time i go out, which means that i have some distance to walk back after the run/walk intervals. i choose a different playlist or album to listen to for the trip back.so a new part of these c25k posts (hopefully making it a bit more worth your time in reading) i’m going to post my ‘post interval soundtrack’ at the bottom of each report. thusly:

post interval soundtrack 3/5/11:
this playlist was recently created for a dear friend, who i suspect will recognize it.

1. “don’t fu*king tell me what to do” by robyn, from her album body talk pt 1
2. “harder you get” by the scissor sisters, from the album night work
3. “beautiful” by nneka, from her album victim of truth
4. “we won’t run” by sarah blasko, from her album as day follows night
5. “hang on in there” by john legend and the roots, from the album wake up!
6. “answer in one of these bottles” by caitlin rose found on daytrotter. (5/27/2010)



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