c25k: seven, eight, nine

internet excitement and being away from home = less than timely blogging. mea culpa.

lets work backwards: run nine (first day of week 4) was yesterday (tuesday the first). i was supposed to have gone on monday but had to stay in my office until around 7p waiting for participants of the workshop in moroto. (and then had people coming to the house until around 8. sigh.)

i’m not sure if it was because i was running a new place (i’m currently in moroto), the altitude difference (i believe its higher here), the lack of stretching, the new routine or what–but this run was difficult. i even ended up walking for about a minute on my second 5 minute run.

in my defense: moroto is HILLY in the bush. kotido is very not hilly. like. at all. as i was running away from town i had to pass by three “local bars”. by this i mean a place near a building or under a tree where the women bring their massive buckets of local brew and people come sit on the ground and forget to practice their moderation. i will never complain about running in the states again as nothing will ever compare to having to go by these 100+ drunk  men. twice. so not going that way tomorrow.

however, something that totally made it worth the push–when i turned around at about half way through the workout i was met with the glorious sight of mount moroto. it was STUNNING to turn around and have this huge mountain. what i saw as i ran away from town was the bush-beautiful in her own right–staring down the tree i determined to be my goal.

not to mention i had zero idea where i was going, and was turning this way and that following random paths in the bush. i got a little lost at one point and had to basically track myself, looking for my shoe prints. (obviously i made it back just fine!)

run eight was in kotido, on saturday. that one was gooooood. i was going farther and faster than before. i was totally confident and felt really great. yep.

run seven also in kotido. the random thing about this interval was i had an extremely (slightly disturbing) vivid memory of running in high school. i played softball, and part of our work out was to run laps around the field complex. there was a little trail that our cleats had beat out in our seemingly endless laps (i remember the phrase from a coach, “run until i get tired”). those work-outs weren’t exactly the highlight of my high school career (that would be graduation day and getting the heck out of dodge).

thankfully with my (albeit spotty) yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices over the years i was able to acknowledge the memories and push them away and focus on the beat and complexity of the music. it is good to move totally on from some things.

tomorrow should be run 10 but i’m worried i won’t get the time to go. our workshop tonight kept us captive until around 8p and there’s no way/no where to run after dark so i’m afraid i’ll have to wait until friday and be totally thrown off. but, it’ll work out. i may have to repeat some of week four but thats quite alright.

and yes, i’m still enjoying it!


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