c25k: six

rather than venture out during the elections on friday i decided that it would be in my best interest to wait until post-elections to run. therefore, i went saturday. i spent the first part of saturday outside trying to finish up the ugly-as-sin compost bin that i’ve been working on, watering the garden, washing a TON of laundry and then lounging in my hammock.

it wasn’t until i was starting the first running interval that i started to think about what i’d eaten that day. and the list wasn’t spectacular. coffee, water and potato chips. yea, thats it. i didn’t think about what i was eating or think about what would be good to eat if one was going to workout. oops.

needless to say, that first run was HARD. but i’m happy to report that i powered through and did the whole thing even though i kind of thought maybe i’d die out there in the bush. (okay so thats an exaggeration, but, it was HARD!)

week three was supposed to start yesterday (monday) but i had a small bought with what i think was a parasite from my rain water tank and spent a lot of the day feeling dizzy and having blurred vision. all is well now (tuesday morning) and i think that i’ll be back on track this afternoon for the first run of week 3.running of course, with my techno podcast that i have grown to really love. huzzah.

perhaps you, faithful reader, are wondering why i insist on posting about every run that i make. let me tell you why: i need community to keep me honest. and when i know that if i skip or slack off i’ll have to confess it to this nameless-faceless mass of people. and while i don’t suspect that any of you are going to be terribly upset with me if i do skip or slack off, it is what keeps me motivated. knowing that there is a community out there who knows what i’m up to and what i’m trying to do pushes me. and for that i’m grateful.


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