c25k: four & five

the techno mix this week is fantastic. so fantastic in fact that i’ve decided to use it all three days rather than jump around between the three.

this also means that i only had to babysit one download and only used that many kb from the per/kb modem. (i saved time AND money!)

monday’s (four) run was good. before i left i debated if i wanted to redo the week 1 intervals, but decided to give week 2 a shot. it was a good choice.

today (five) was less-good-ish. and yet good-ish at the same time. i left the house for today’s intervals about an hour earlier than normal. concentration was totally failing me and my body was itching for exercise, so i went early.

this turned out to be a funny mistake. today is wednesday, as you have probably noticed. wednesday here in kotido is the cattle market day. TONS of people bring their cows, goats, donkeys, fruits, blankets, sandals, stools etc. to the cattle market for a day of selling. around 4:30ish as i was running that direction i almost ran into a huge group of karachuna (young people from the village/”warriors”) walking towards town.

i spotted them before i branched down toward the road, and not wanting to literally wade through them (there were 150-200 people!) i followed a random path into the bush.

as i was plugging along my merry way, ipod cranked up, i heard a cheering noise coming from their general direction. glancing toward the road where they were i noticed about 20 of them break off from the large group- who were indeed shouting in my general direction-and those 20 started sprinting. at. me.

okay. so i didn’t immediately panic. but when my interval went from the running one to the walking one…i kept running.

the 20 or so gentlemen caught up with me and starting running with me (slowing their collective pace. sigh.). they were SHOUTING and grinning and jumping around me as we ran along. all i could hear over the raging techno went something like this: “iyong a….jie…iyong a…karachuna…” translated roughly is ‘you are a jie (which can mean a part of this tribe. jie also means war so thats hazy) you! warrior!”

they ran along with me for a bit, as i laughed and responded to the best of my ability, and they sprinted back to their original group.

so, file that under things that happened to me today that probably didn’t happen to you.

whilst running through the bush i realized that running on the “established” paths is actually a lot harder than running through the un-pathed bush. the paths are deceiving during the walking portions of the intervals. the land is flat and the path is wide enough. but once you start to run…all the ruts and holes suddenly become treacherous!

this doesn’t mean that i won’t be running through the bush in the distant future–but it does mean that i will probably be taking the unestablished paths rather than the actual path…


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