(still not the Crazy Dreaming post, its still in the works. patience, dear ones, patience.)

let me just start by saying: LETS GO DUKE! GTHC!

moving on.

if you have a keen eye and actually visit my page and not just have googlereader or some other rss-feed-fetcher pull your blogs and news for you perhaps you’ve noticed that there are two new blogs on my blogroll. i never posted about the first three and will now remedy that by introducing all five of these delightful blogs to you:

in no particular order:

come and see is thoughtfully and beautifully written by my good friend heather. she lives in shiprock, nm (usa) and shares life with the navajo nation there.

extending the table is one the journey of one fantabulous-tfba-woman, her sous-chef/husband and we readers along for the journey of cooking through the mennonite cookbook “extending the table.” a personal favorite!

bumfuzzled in a hospital near you written by J, native texan, MD resident, and delightful human being (whom i met quite a long time ago!) honestly blogging from the “land of fruit and nuts” [california] about what its REALLY like to be an MD resident.

from one great lakes region to another written thoughtfully by a new friend and fellow mcc-er living and learning in burundi.

…ubuntu… our paths crossed in uganda when both working for mcc where we became fast friends. she’s now back in the u.s. blogging about life, students and sometimes blueberries.

who do you follow?


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