another day of running, and more lessons learned:

1. so, i wear these beads around my waist. they are your basic colored glass beads on a string and there are three circles of them that i always wear under my clothes. here in karamoja (and i think some other parts of uganda, but don’t quote me on that) women wear these beads under their clothes. they are generally a secret. no one (except your spouse, i suppose) is meant to see them. so me telling you fine people that i wear them is probably a taboo. please forgive me.

anyway the point: so i wear these beads around my waist. the other day i made sure to tuck them up into the waistband of my running trousers, but today i forgot. they’ve stretched out a bit since i tied them around my waist, and were therefore a little lower than i would have liked for the duration of my run. that was less than comfortable.

2. something i forgot to mention the other day: regular ole earbuds that come with one’s ipod are woefully inadaqute for running in my opinion. i should have kept track of how many times i had to put one or both of them back in my ears. having learned this lesson, i used my awesome-in-ear-earbuds today. i only had to put one back in the whole time, and they cancled out the noise of the 10 men in the riverbed shoveling sand made. from their gestures i suspect they weren’t complementing my brilliance.

3.something else i failed to mention the other day: if one is planning on using ones pedometer, they should turn it on. for real. i remedied that today as well. 4,845 steps, 56 minutes, 228 calories burned.  bam.

there was a lot less hacking on my part today as the cough is dying down. (ptl.) so that was nice. its funny how much breath one uses to cough. i felt stronger today–i hope saying that doesn’t jinx friday’s run…but, well, i’m kind of proud of  myself. i went farther in the same amount of time and felt markedly better during and after the run. (this is me, patting myself on my back. :pat pat pat:

friday’s post will have some “end of week one” reflections, including but not limited to the interesting things i see/encounter on my runs that you probably don’t on yours…or in your everyday life, either.

oh yes, and today’s soundtrack was the techno podcast mix. the music was great–especially with my fantastic earbuds–and i appreciated the beeps rather than the talking. i think they’ll be my favorite running podcasts during this endeavor. i’ll be trying out the hip-hop version friday. should be…interesting.  (yes, yes, i went back and downloaded it. i wanted to listen to a different podcast each day to keep the unknown unknown as i struggle through the first week. STOP JUDGING ME FOR LISTENING TO NSYNC ITS AGAINST MY WILL!!!!)

until then…happy running!


One thought on “c25k:two

  1. I agree… normal earbuds are completely inadequate for running. I have a small headband set I use that works much better.

    Good job getting started. I find that is the absolute hardest part of a running plan. I loathe the thought of running most days, but if I just go do it I feel better.

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