well, day one of running has come and gone.

lessons learned in this first day:
1. i probably should have waited until this hacking/tb-esque chest cold/cough was done. oops. about half way through i had to stop, put my hands on my knees and just cough. ouch.

2. choosing to start said program in the peak of dry season = less than awesome. its hot, and unsurprisingly dry. with dry season in this part of the world mother nature gifts us with gale-force wind. which is fine when its at your back, but less so when its coming at your face. this would have been less problematic/discouraging if i’d ended with the wind at my back.

3. if you have to pee when you’re starting your 30 minute walk/jog, you’ll be practicing your sprint when you get close to home.

all in all, it was okay. today i listened to the indie mix from the chicago tribune and rather enjoyed the music and the voice overs telling me when to walk and run. my biggest qualm with this podcast was the cheer-leading at the end. cheer-leading during  physical activity/sports just makes me angry–and not in a “i’m going to run super fast and beat all ya’ll” kind of way. but in more of a “i’m going to come over there and kick you in the shins” kind of way.

and this is why yoga is one of my choice forms of physical activity.

anyhow. day one: check. more to come wednesday…


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