maybe you noticed…

…that i’m a little riled up as of late. this is still the case, and i’m still unapologetic about that. however. this righteous indignation fueled energy is only burned up so much through my work (which is mostly done in an office) and my current “exercise program”. basically i have left over energy that leaves me fidgety at night and i find myself lying awake longer than i should.

perhaps you are wondering why “exercise program” is in quotes. well, let me tell you: currently said program consists of yoga. hatha yoga, to be precise. hatha is great for flexibility, strengthening and calming the mind and generally has been enough to make me happy and sleepy at night. however for the past few days i have found that i’m clenching my jaw all the way through–even in shavasnah–and this just won’t do.

so i’ve decided to Do Something About It and, starting tomorrow (monday 6 feb 2011) will be working towards becoming an Actual Runner using the c25k (couch to 5k) running plan. through a set of intervals and in about 9 weeks, i will be running (at least) 5k, or if nothing else at least 30 minutes nonstop. (which is also fine.)

i made this decision…well…friday. and today is sunday. i spent most of today searching the internet for playlists or podcasts that would tell me when to switch from running to walking as looking at my ipod whilst doing these things to determine if i should be running or walking is just a serious headache and would probably discourage me from Actually Doing It.

there are fewer options than i was hoping to find, but at least two of them seem like they have potential…one is techno music with some cartoon-like beeps that signal the run/walk switch and the other is from the chicago tribune that promises to be indie. (i’m pretty sure i saw deerhoof, bitter:sweet and gossip listed, so thats a good sign.) there was a hip-hop themed podcast, but i saw NSYNC and quickly “x”ed the window. (albeit faster than the “christian indie” podcast i found. it just looked…far too saccharine, and i’d rather not get a cavity while running. i get the feeling that jesus would understand.)

why didn’t i think to make my own playlist before doing all of this searching? i thought this would be easier, but i probably could have spent today making my own awesome list rather than poking around on the intertubes, but, well, live and learn i suppose.

i will not be watching the superbowl (again) this year, as it occurs in the middle of my night. to celebrate this Great American Tradition though, housemate made a football-esque-themed-lunch as powered by one of the best foodblogs maybe ever…we had meatball subs with caramelized onions. (well, meatball open-faced sandwiches as we have no hogies. and our cheese of choice was cheddar with peppers as that was all we had.)*

oh yes, and: GO PACKERS!!!





*just so the awesomeness of such a meal being made in this house sneaks past you let me just say how rare it is that we have mincemeat OR cheese. let alone at the same time. we just happened to have come back from the capital of uganda, kampala, all loaded up on supplies. we usually have to do some prety extreme substitutions or completely rework recipes from anywhere let alone smittenkitchen. so. know that.


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