the ruins at gede

in about the 13th or 14th century the town of gede was a bustling community on the kenyan coast near modern-day watamu. mysteriously, there are no written records that mention gede, and no one knows why everyone left (in what scholars deem as a planned evacuation as there was practically nothing left behind).

gede through my point-and-shoot

yours truly hugging a 300 year old baobab tree

pathway between the men’s and women’s courts in “the palace”

a view of “the palace” from the top of the not-finished-not-open tree house.

a visual on how high and unfinished the tree house is

a young coconut husk drying in the window of a ruin

another beautiful tree at gede

enjoying the milk of a young coconut at the end of the gede trek


next up: lamu-island-fun-times! (part one)


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