photo mashups

hybrid culture update is still in the works. for now, here are two photo mashups that i recently “wrote” for some mcc paperwork that i turned in amazingly late. happy photo-feasting.

a glimpse at primary schools in north karamoja

top: pajer primary school pupils; staff room karanga boys primary; primary 5 pupil, kiru primary school

middle: talking trees-pajer primery school; primary 4, pajar primary; school management committee representatives, lobalangit primary school

bottom: english department cabinet karanga boy’s primary, artwork, kotido mixed primary, poster promoting education, kaabong district



kotido mixed: the road to nationals

top: original composition, regional competition; drama, town council competition; traditional folk song, national theater performance

middle: folk song, national theater performance; traditional dance, sliding rock-pre-national competition party; original composition, national theater performance; speech on the benefits of the east african community, town council competition

bottom: traditional dance, national theater performance; original poem on the theme (child protection), sliding rock-pre-national competition; traditional dance, national theater performance


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