a very karamoja thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving!

today marks my third thanksgiving celebrated in uganda, and this one is going to be the best one yet, i think. whats that? “why?” you ask? well, let me tell you why:

house-mate and i are armed with the following recipes:
*alton brown’s roasted turkey
*rachael ray’s scalloped potatoes
*”the joy of cooking” pumpkin pie
*someone’s grandmother’s recipe for candied sweet potatoes

also in the arsenal:
*stovetop stuffing from the u.s.
*national lampoon’s “christmas vacation”
*mulled wine
*general frivolity and mischief

our turkey has the potential of being the most fresh turkey i’ve ever eaten, as she was alive this time yesterday. i believe this is the first turkey i have ever made “on my own” so it should be quite the adventure. perhaps i should say “continued adventure” as procuring said turkey was an adventure in and of itself.

mama rose made some phone calls to track down someone selling a turkey, a short-ish walk to this mama’s house, a selection of turkey, and a payment later i was following house-mate and mama (who were carrying the live turkey, each holding a wing…sorry for no pictures, the camera was at home!) back to the compound.

perhaps i should mention, i thought it was a good idea to take the dog along to the picking of the turkey. a lesson in being good and learning how to behave on her leash. there were no casualties, but i do have a bruise from her leash as she attempted to pull my arms off repeatedly. we all survived. (well, turkey didn’t…)

not possessing the strength to kill my own turkey, it was done on my behalf by one of the boys at mama’s house. they also did the majority of the de-feathering and de-gutting said turkey.

however, when she (the turkey) arrived all naked from her plucking a lot of her neck was still attached. i was a little grossed out removing it–but not enough to discontinue the turkey-preparation adventure. the animals were quite happy with this as they were the ones to consume said neck.

whomever slaughtered the turkey made a strange cut from the neck to the breast. much laughter ensued as house-mate and i performed minor surgery to sew up the incision with dental floss in our poorly-lit kitchen around midnight last night. i laughed so hard i cried! it was one of those moments when i realized the true ridiculousness of my weird life. delight!

as i type, the turkey is tenderizing in the fridge–bathed in a sumptuous mixture of yogurt, tomato, garlic, ginger, salt and pepper over night. (thank you, india, for tandori!) a trip to the market for remaining feast ingredients is impending this afternoon.

obviously, this is not a holiday in uganda, so i am taking a half-day from work for the thanksgiving prep and festivities. ironically, today is the nomination day for the upcoming elections in uganda so there are parades of people in town cheering for their candidate(s). not quite the macey’s parade, but, at least its a joyful noise!
(debatable, i know. believe me, i know.)

discussions of pulling out the mini-christmas-tree have been overheard…and i might break my own “no christmas stuff until advent” rule this year and start listening to christmas music. (you will not, however find baby jesus in the creche until christmas eve!).

gobble. gobble.


2 thoughts on “a very karamoja thanksgiving

  1. sounds like a wonderful feast, Thera! Who all did you feed? I made my corn pudding and sweet potato casserole for our feast today, and Dale made cranberry salad and frogeye salad–we let others do the meats and veggies and pies! We fed over 30 folks, ages 3 months to 85 years! Love you LOTS gann

    • oh this feast fed the two of us for several days… we indulged the cats and teh dog with a little meat, but other than that it was just us! (oh, well, we did take a baggie of turkey to bishop and mama!)

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