*peacebuilding (peace-building? peace building?) and reconciliation: second edition addressing accommodation.

some photos (from my camera phone, so don’t judge the quality too closely) of my very dorm-room-esque room. and kiwi fruit.

sad shower-head

okay, so there is plenty of hot water, i will say that as a positive for the entire training center. a hot shower (heck a lukewarm shower) is a real treat these days, so i will not snub that fact. however. this is the most pathetic excuse for a shower head i have experienced in quite some time. water sprays every-which way… there are so few holes that the amount of water coming out, regardless of the water pressure, leaves a lot to be desired.

i would be better off holding a watering can above my head…

sleeping space and net

so for my first 2 nights in kenya i stayed at the mennonite guest house and had a KING size bed. all to my lonesome. and it was. amazing. albeit the mattress was a

bit hard. well, i’ve gone totally the other way and am back on a single mattress, but this one is delightfully cushy. can’t win the all, i suppose.

teeny tiny college-esque desk

i brought everything that is on this desk. thats right, i schlepped all those books all the way to kenya. which means i’m totally obligated to read them. before i leave kenya… i’ll do my best…

clothing to jewlery ratio...

yes, this is all the clothing and jewelery i brought to kenya for an entire month. yes, i brought more pairs of earrings than shirts. stop judging me.

extra stuff i brought with me

much like college, i have a stash of stuff that isn’t supplied. this stash of stuff greatly resembles the stash of stuff i kept all through college and while doing my masters. one must be who one is, that’s what i say.

private bathroom and cute storage space

i am always always always thankful to have my own bathroom. and to be wearing long sleeves for the first time in quite some time. also, go duke! 🙂

oh kiwi, how i missed thee!

okay, so the kiwi fruit has really nothing to do with peace building and reconciliation…however i just wanted to boast that i have been enjoying a constant diet of fruit and veg since arriving in uganda. this is rare in kotido. (especially for fruit. and if i EVER see kiwi in the kotido market i will know that the world has officially come to an end.) it was delicious, and its little friends are destined to be devoured soooooon!

kiwi all gone!



2 thoughts on “PB&Rc:2-Accdn*

  1. Are those potatoes that you brought with you from Uganda? Cause we DO have potatoes in Kenya the last time I checked…unless there is a potato famine there now which can be very serious as Ireland will tell you. Please advise about the potato situation.

  2. fear not famine-worrier, there are still plenty of potatoes here in kenya. your eye has caught sight of a kiwi and tangerines. we may call the irish potatoes, but we are not experiencing famine. kenya appreciates your concern.

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