*peacebuilding (peace-building? peace building?) and reconciliation training: first entry-side-tracked:

so, i’m in kenya at a peacebuilding (peace-building? peace building?) and reconciliation training for people working with/in religious organizations/ngos. we have had two full days of training and there is a lot to process and a lot to think about regarding my world-view, the world-views of my fellow participants (they are from kenya, rwanda and nigeria), what peace means in different contexts and what it means to be a peace builder. but there is also the following:

something i wasn’t expecting to do at a training on peace building and reconciliation — doing dance and step aerobics with my fellow trainees. but, it happened. and, perhaps even better, is going to happen AGAIN two times a week.

1989 called, they want their exercises and music back!

this expat is having a hard time deciding if this is a negative or positive effect of the expatriate community on the kenyan population. i mean one cannot go turning ones nose up at exercise, especially the hour and a three-quarters of sustained movement we participated in. and most of us are desk-dwellers, camping out behind desks and in vehicles most of the time–so we are people who need movement!

however, there is the question of the late 80s and early 90s dance mix music. i vacillated on how i felt about it–but in the end just let go and embraced it and danced/stepped my little heart out singing along. (i was shocked that NO ONE else seemed to know the words. shame.)

i’ll work on getting pictures of this event–the local photographer for the center was taking pictures, maybe i can finagle a few out of him. regardless, i am going to see if i can pay him to not put my photo in the publication materials for the center! thats a big NO!


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