sometimes things are not fair

sometimes things are not fair.
i would even wager that perhaps a lot of the time things are not fair.

the fair trade market is not all encompassing…child labor/abuse is seemingly still rampant in even “developed” countries…bad things happen to “good” people and good things happen to “bad” people.

children in the “most powerful nation in the world” die every day from things like starvation–when a large portion of our population is overweight and tends to overeat–children in that same nation die from things like abscess teeth. that is far from fair.

farmers who try to grow in “old fashioned” ways with fewer or no pesticides/chemicals so that our food is really food and not pumped full of chemicals, and who rely on rain rather than irrigation lose entire crops and years of investments, and sometimes those family farms that have been theirs for generations. that is not fair.

people get sick and die–even people who have great faith and pray fervently.
people die too painfully, too quickly, too slowly, people die too young.

two of my friends (israel and sarah) have a little girl named shalom. and for several months we thought that shalom had TB, so she was being treated for TB–but then wasn’t getting any better.  israel has some medical training as well as public health training, and he decided that she needed other tests.

just one layer of “this is not fair” –when they decided to take her in for testing at one of the hospitals in the capital (mulago, i believe) it was a weekend, and there was nary a doctor around. even the ones that were supposed to be there. not even on call, but the ones actually ON duty. absent.

and then, when they were finally abel to find someone to help them, the equipment for testing what they wanted to test for was missing. it is speculated that the missing doctors had the missing equipment at their personal clinics. awesome.

well, the preliminary tests for this 5 year old girl have come back and they are worried that she has leukemia. the bone marrow testing couldn’t be done because there was no machinery to do it, and even if the machinery was present they don’t think that someone who knew how to do it was even around/willing to come in on a weekend.

we wait with baited breath.
every other breath of mine: this is not fair.


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