bugged by beetles

this time of year is a trying one for me. the insect population seems to be higher than any other part of the year–and there is not a lot i can do to keep the annoying arachnid, cursed coleoptera, or disgusting diptera out of the house.
it has become a habit of mine to read by candle light before i go to sleep (see the infamous “mosquito net +  fire” post for the reasoning behind this somewhat dangerous practice.) but in the recent month and a half the length of time i am able to read has decreased greatly.
generally i would be able to read by candle light as long as i desire, but as of late i can barely get through a few pages before the frustration level explodes out of my mozzie net snuffing the candle in a great gust of exasperation.
there is a tiny little beetle that somehow manages to squeeze its little crunchy body in between the holes of my mosquito net. this wouldn’t be such a big deal if it were merely one or two of the little blighters, but in fact the number sky-rockets into the twenties and beyond quite quickly. and they are stupid, and crawl around my bed and sometimes they bite.
surprisingly the insects that bother me least are the tiny moths that manage to squeeze through the net–generally i am afraid of moths and really hate them–but at least their stupidity leads them directly to the flame of the candle and they expire in a puff of blue flame and gray smoke, and in a timely fashion. but these stupid beetles… oi.
so nearly every evening i am thwarted to continue to read in my bed without having to get back up and turn off the light. so i blow out my candle and pout. sigh.

its enough to make a girl set her net on fire…again…


One thought on “bugged by beetles

  1. so if the beetles don’t follow you to Nairobi, i expect you to say nightly prayers of thanksgiving for MCC for sending you on a month’s reprieve! hopefully their season will end before your return. I DO NOT recommend another net fire! love ya

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