signs of peace: peace signs

throughout karamoja there are signs for peace–literal billboards promoting peace on the outskirts of many of the major “towns” in the region. recently i photoed two of these signs when traveling from south karamoja to north karamoja:

nakapiripirit peace sign

the large sign is the peace sign and the smaller one is the nakapiripirit towncouncil sign. if you know the area, this is the sign posted from the namalu side of nakapiripirit town…

a closer view of the nakapiripirit sign

it reads: njatomian mam jik! ekisil, ee!
guns, no! peace, yes!

forgive the smallness and less than stellar quality of these photos as they are all taken from my camera phone while i am waiting on the new-to-me camera to arrive from the states. i’m having adventures in camera-phone photography–i’m always up for new challenges!

moroto peace sign

the bilboard just outside of moroto on the kotido side.

moroto peace sign, two

it reads: kinyaku atom, tocam aikisiom
return the gun, embrace education

while i enjoy this billboards, their pictures and slogans, i wonder how effective they are–especially when those they are targeting with these messages tend to not know how to read their own language, let alone english.

perhaps i shouldn’t underestimate the power of pictures and symbols.


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