mombasa: pictoral highlights

spices in the mombasa market

piri-piri, tomato powder and two curries

one of my favorite things to do in a market where people don’t know me, is get re-educated about spices. i pretend i know nothing about any of the spices, and let various sellers tell me all about them. my favorite part is when the let me taste them! (or, in most cases, force me to taste them. good thing its my favorite part!)

right- christian radio, left-our hotel. inturpret at will.

the stairs up to our hotel in mombasa were just begging to be photographed. one cannot pass up a nice set of stairs… if you go left, you get the christian radio station that pumps its music so loud i’m not sure they *actually* need to broadcast…if you right you get to our hotel. swanky.

prayer items

prayer items

mombasa is a place with some great worship spaces. these prayer cards are from the hindu temple in the heart of mombasa.

old town door, mombasa

old town, mombasa

people’s spaces fascinate me-especially when they look like they have been around for hundreds of years…in this case, it has! behind this door, mombasans live their life. a swahili woman was kind enough to allow me to photo her door before she went in. she herself, however was too shy to be photoed as well.


friends. traveling companions.

shadow pictures are fun. especially with fun friends.

water and boats

boats on the coast

just to prove that mombasa is truly on the coast… i spied these boats while climbing around an embankment looking for fort jesus (yes. its called fort jesus) a delightful find.


3 thoughts on “mombasa: pictoral highlights

  1. love the pictures. it sounds like an indiana jones movie script. did you see a man in a great hat with a bull whip?

    D says beware old money changers in alleys, even if they are good at math. we knew we shouldn’t have let you go to europe, messed you up forever 🙂 (remember, everyone said it was a ‘trip of a lifetime’, an over estimation it turns out.

  2. I love the beautiful spice pictures! Our tour of Mombasa was punctuated by a man posing as some sort of security police and threatening to arrest us if we didn’t pay him to take us on a tour and Mateo breaking out into a shellfish-induced rash. And that was just one day of the honeymoon!

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