human rights violation

alright. enough is enough.

i have not posted or really written about the anti-gay bill that uganda is currently struggling with, but i can no longer keep quiet.

before i continue, if you have comments–keep them clean. keep them respectful. or they will not be posted. full stop.

it is nearly impossible for me to disagree MORE with the bill that is trying to find itself into law.
right now i am short on time (computer battery and internet availability) so this is brief.

perhaps the most important thing for this post is the possibility to sign the petition to stop the following from being signed into law:

*that homosexual persons would be sentenced to prison. (even life in prison.)
*the bill has little to no distinction between gay sex and pedophilia. huge difference, people. so not the same thing. (same with rape. not. the. same. thing.)
*that people such as PRIEST and PASTORS could serve jail time for not reporting someone admitting/confessing/speaking with them about their sexuality, their questioning etc. if a priest hears confession, and someone admits that they are even simply questioning, the priest must report said person or they both face jail time.
*that “repeat offenders” of “the homosexual act” could be sentenced to death.

if you have a problem with any of that, go here. and sign the petition.

almost out of time for now, so if you need more reading go to these pages:
zeleza post blog–spells out in (a lot) of detail the human rights violation.

an article from the guardian–a church of uganda (anglican) canon speaks out against the bill.

an africa files run-down on the violation of human rights in the bill.

the petition (again.)

PDF photocopy of the bill is available on the box turtle bulletin site, as is an HTML text version.


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