christmas is coming

christmas is coming and my ankles are swollen.

the past few days have brought a lot of travel and therefore a lot of traveling…hence the swollen ankles.

week before last i made the 10 hour drive from kotido to kampala… then sat for about 6 hours on monday (last) from kampala to kabale, where mcc had retreat at lake bunyoni for three days…
friday i drove my land cruiser TWELVE hours north to kamala. (nasty nasty traffic jam i’d sooner forget…)
sunday found me on a taxi going to luweero to visit father joe. and this monday i took a taxi from luweero to kampala and then a coaster (small bus) from kampala to masaka (about 4 hours).

i’m tired of sitting–but not tired of seeing people, so i guess this trend will continue for a while!

you want stories from these adventures?

practice your patience. they are coming. just not tonight.
i need to put these feet up!


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