one doesn’t hail a taxi in uganda- you jump out of the way as one zooms toward you and then leap in before it takes off again.

their ‘names’ are personally my favorite part about taxis (called matatus) and i have started a small fotographic collection of some of the more interesting ones…

i learned a lesson 26 years in coming from this particular taxi, that i’ve been taking sabbath on the WRONG DAY this entire time. thankfully the taxi in front of the “sat. is sabbath” taxi reminded me to give “glory to god” so i think it all evens out somehow.



4 thoughts on “taxi!

  1. I took a few hours on Google and researching a bit about “Taxi or Cab service” worldwide and the rules that differ from one country to another, the fares, city regulations, and even the danger we all can face at times. But I haven’t found a great resource for “Cab drivers” to share their experiences, tips etc.. if you know of any, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you

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