what you’ve been waiting for…

alright, as promised and asked for (a lot!) here are pictures of the darling dog: kiyma dogson.


but first, an explanation of her name:
for those of you “in the know,” you will know who kimya DAWson is. for those of you outside the way-so-indy-music scene i will explain. kimya DAWson is an independent and musician of the most unique and perhaps odd degree. (her child’s name IS panda…)  if you were swept up in the great cultural wave that is the movie “juno” you will know some of her music as she did most of the soundtrack. delightful.

so. in her honor, the dog is kimya DOGson. because she is a dog.  you will note that the first three letters of either surname of either female creature is not actually capitalized, but i figured that in the interest of fully explaining her name, it would be useful in this situation. i hope you found it as such.  so here you go: kimya dogson, beauty-shots.



her favorite (only) toy

her favorite (only) toy

she's a biter.

she's a biter.


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