overdue and shorter than it should be

well, for all of the promising i have done about being faithful in writing and posting, i am far behind.

i have a lot to tell you; setting up house, getting a dog (she’s so cute!), going to kenya and starting our language lessons… not to mention the interesting “conference” i took place in yesterday. oh yes. stories will indeed abound soon.

but, i have yet to write a thing. and i apologize for that! it is coming, i promise! (especially as we figure out how the intnernet works… its more difficult than one might realize!)

if you’re on facebook, i’m currently posting a few albums of pictures…as long as they upload before the internet decides to be tired and done for the day… right.

at any rate- a few of you mentioned that the background made it difficult to see the writing without highlighting the text, so i hope the new layout is better!

i PROMISE to write at least one decent sized post this evening and post it as soon as i am able 🙂

happy thanksgiving to you, if i don’t post before the big day. i can’t say that i have plans, but you never know!



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