it seems fitting…

this morning i attended a sweet little united methodist church here in akron, pa.

it was a “typical” small town congregaton, the median age was around sixty-something and the congergation was small-ish in numbers.

but it was all-saints-sunday.
which, if nothing else, connotes eucharist.
and this, my friends, makes me very happy.

i found myself sitting in a pew alone, but surrounded in front and behind with happy, warm and welcoming members of zion united methodist church.  they introduced themselves to me and gave their versions of “you aren’t from round here, are ya?” as a polite way of beginning a conversation.

during the Great Thanksgiving, the woman behind me noticed that i was not holding the print-out of the all saints version that the pastor was leading. assuming that i did not have one and therefore did not know what was going on, she went out into the narthex and retrieved it for me.
she passed it over my shoulder and whispered “this is whats going on, sweetie.”

i thanked her, took the paper and held it in my hands as we continued the eucharistic portion of the service.
(she later realized that i just knew the responses and attempted to apologize. we had a nice little moment of me thanking her for her kindness and hospitality…she graciously accepted my acceptance of *her* hospitality. 🙂 )

the sermon was on love.
and living a saintly life.
couldn’t have been a better topic if i’d have asked for one.

after the service the pastor (john g. smith) made it a point to speak with me. (being the one of two visitors today…) we spoke for a few minutes before it came out that i was leaving for uganda the very next morning (thats in a few short hours for those of you keeping track at home…)

this is when he decided that the church needed to keep in contact with me, and he directed me to the lady who is in charge of the guest book. she instructed me to “very neatly” write down my name and address so that they can stay in contact with me.

thankfully this is the 21st century, and i was able to retrieve the email from gann with our address in it… otherwise they would have been quite confused about sending mail to liberty, missouri for it to reach kotido, uganda!

but, all in all, it seems rather fitting that i ended up at zion united methodist chruch this morning.
with good methodist christians.
the eucharist.
and a sermon on saintly living.

it just seems fitting, indeed.

keep your ears and eyes open–the next post will be coming live from the motherland of uganda!

don’t forget to VOTE!


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