i do not wish to offend…

i do not wish to offend anyone with the next statement, so just keep that in mind.

i think that one of the most valuable things that i have gained from the first week (of two) of orientation has been the relationships that i have gained with those who are just beginning their service with mcc as well.  

[one of the great things i have learned about mcc this past week has been that everyone, no matter what job you are in, has to attend the first portion of orientation. even the new mail sorter from the akron, pa office was in attendance. makes for a level playing field, and good relationships.]

we have done the typical orientation things: like talk about sexual harassment and racism (granted they have a little different slant when these are in the context of other cultures, and figuring out how to navigate those issues outside of your own culture context).

i suppose it has been like part orientation (morning and afternoon workshops) and summer camp (meals, everything that occurs after dinner). 

we have had s’mores in our outdoor fireplace, gathered around our indoor fireplace and chatted, taken walks to the local ‘shoe-store’ to purchase ‘tap-shoes’ and played many games and pieced together many puzzles. 

it is encouraging and affirming to be here with other people who have a very similar world view when it comes to evangelism… the church… cultures beside our own… and things such as that.
it is also really neat to think that many of these people will also be at the same re-entry at the end of three years… when we try to transition back into the united states (or canada) after our three years spent abroad. its like a support group. for people like us…

look for more this week–i do promise to be much better at blogging the preparations for the trip!

i had wanted to post pictures of the place, but managed to somehow delete them from the card while attempting to upload them onto the computer. it’s a mystery. i shall take more, and post them soon!



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