to begin one must first end

it seems that for something new to start, something else must come to an end–of sorts.

summer is ending. my last summer after being in school and my first summer of not going back to school
my first summer in texas, and my last summer in texas. (for a while, anyway)

this internship at fumc, beaumont ends so that my journey toward uganda may continue.

but what i love about this sort of ending is that it isn’t an ending at all–
it is only the beginning of carrying these relationships and friendships all the way to uganda–with me.

as i prepare to move to missouri to be with the fam-damily for a few months this phase is ending, yes. but it is really only beginning. i am confident that these friendships will continue to strengthen over the years and over the miles. hokey? maybe. honest? yes.

i am excited for all of you who i knew before beaumont to be with me on this journey, and all of you joining me here in texas.  it wouldn’t be a road trip without friends!

so, “get out the map” and lets “hit the road, jack!”


4 thoughts on “to begin one must first end

  1. Hi Thera–thanks for sending your blog address–I look forward to reading many more! As part of connecting you to our Uganda team, I’ll forward your blog address to them–let’s see who visits and comments! We are praying for you as you prepare to come–and we’re awaiting you eagerly. Love, Gann

  2. Hi Thera! Marika here (MCC, Lira). Stoked you are coming out soon! we will be praying as you say all your goodbyes and get ready to make the big move this way. we are driving your land cruiser around right now & its a nice ride 🙂 hope these last few months are filled with meaningful and lasting blessings

  3. Hi Thera, looking forward to meeting you in a few months. I’m living and working in Bukoto Village, Masaka District, in southern Uganda. May you find these months of transition to be filled with meaningful conversations, randomly memorable moments, and joy. see you soon, Kristina 🙂

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